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How we do it

How we offer such competitive returns on funds?

Our tried and tested model allows investors to lend funds to developers and property professionals at competitive rates that suit everyone. Professional qualified surveyors fully assess and value all property proposed as security, while in-depth checks are carried out on the borrower. As loans never exceed 70% of the property value, and all lending is secured with a legal charge, we mitigate risk and deliver a competitive return on your investment.

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Setting up your account is fast and easy

Setting up your account is fast and easy

It's a very quick and simple process. You can fund your account immediately and start earning on your funds within minutes of your first click.

It's really simple to use

It's really simple to use

By monitoring the loans and updating the portfolio we take all the hard work out of your investment. All you have to do is choose your investment, fund your account and begin earning a good return.

A safe and secure platform

A safe and secure platform

You can invest your funds safe in the knowledge that your data is fully protected. All borrowers and their security are fully assessed, and we secure with a legal charge against property. If a borrower defaults we may sell the property. Our maximum loan to value is 70%.

It helps the economy

It helps the economy

Your investment supports bridging finance which allows borrowers to complete projects, employ contractors and progress on to new developments. With Peer to Peer loans you are supporting the release of funds from property that benefits the UK economy.

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Remember your capital is at risk.

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Provision Fund

To ensure the risk to our investors is kept to a minimum the shareholders of Lendy Ltd, the company behind Lendy, maintain a Provision Fund. By ensuring the maximum Loan to Value of the property is no more than 70% it should mean that, if a borrower defaults on a loan all funds will be recouped upon the sale of the security.


What our investors say

  1. Remember, as an investor your actual return may be lower as capital is at risk. For more information please view our Risk Assessment.