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Why invest with Lendy?

We're one of Europe's leading peer-to-peer secured property lending platforms

At Lendy we have a reputation for having one of the most experienced and specialist credit assessment teams in the industry, who ensure each investment loan has met our rigorous and robust lending criteria. We only offer investors loans to invest in that have been through our rigorous and streamlined due diligence, credit and legal checking.

Why invest with Lendy?

Our investors talk about their experience of investing with us

"You know exactly where you stand all of the time, you can just sit back, relax and watch every month for your money to accumulate which is the bit I like about it."

Gerry Haynes - Investor

"I love the ability to control exactly where my money's gone, invest in different projects and get great return on my money."

Benj Street - Investor

Four reasons to invest with Lendy

Fast and easy

Fast and easy

It's a fast and easy signup process. You can fund your account immediately and start earning on your funds within minutes of your first click.

Simple to use

Simple to use

By monitoring the loans and updating the portfolio we take all the hard work out of your investment. All you have to do is choose your investment, fund your account and begin earning a good return.

Safe and secure platform

Safe and secure platform

Invest your funds safe in the knowledge that your data is protected. All of our loans are fully assessed, and we secure with a legal charge against the asset.

Helps the economy

Helps the economy

With peer-to-peer loans you are supporting the release of funds for projects that benefit the UK economy

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Questions you might have

Our top five most frequently asked questions

How much can I invest?

We do not have a maximum amount you can credit to your account. The maximum amount of investment you could make to a project is 100% of the required loan, however it is unlikely you would achieve this owing to the current demand for our projects. There is no minimum investment amount. Funds that you credit to your account but are not committed to a project can be withdrawn at any time.

What return can I expect?

Once you have invested in a project and the borrower begins servicing interest (typically once funds are drawn down) you will begin earning up to 12% annual interest on your capital immediately depending on the project that you have invested in. You will begin to earn interest when the loan is marked as “live’ and is shown under the Live Loans page here.

Interest is credited to your account in arrears on the first working day of each month.

When will my original investment be returned?

Your initial investment and any outstanding interest are credited to your account when the loan is fully repaid. The typical loan term is 6 months, however borrowers can repay the loan before the agreed end date. Once the loan is repaid in full we ensure your funds are returned immediately, allowing you to withdraw the balance or commit to new loans.

Please note that delays in loan repayments are a routine part of the process, and can often mean nothing at all as regards the final repayment of the loan. Delays can be caused by slow completion of a property sale, a refinance with a bank, by complications with planning permission, or by any number of other minor issues. Both borrowers and lenders in the market understand that delays happen regularly, and price that in accordingly.

To allow for this, Lendy has a 180-day tolerance period once a loan term comes to an end. This is to allow borrowers time to deal with these unavoidable delays and make repayments. Please see here for more information when Lendy deems a loan to be non-performing. Please do also refer to our Collections and Recovery Policy here.

What happens to my money?

When you open an account with Lendy you can choose to invest in any loans, subject to availability. On making an investment you are expected to arrange for Lendy to receive cleared funds within 2 working days, after which Lendy has discretion to cancel the loanpart allocated to you should it so wish. Funds not invested in a loan will be held in the Lendy Client Bank Account with Barclays Bank PLC. Interest is not paid on any such balances. When the loan is drawn down, all relevant funds are then transferred out of the Lendy Client Bank Account and passed to the Borrower or their solicitors.

Where is the risk?

We make every effort to minimise the risks for our investors and to ensure, where possible, that all investments are repaid in full and on time. In the event that a loan becomes non-performing we have the following protection in place:

  • All loans are secured with a legal charge (mortgage), which means the property can be sold if the loan becomes non-performing.
  • Loans do not exceed a maximum of 70% of the Open Market Value. This means that if the borrower cannot repay the loan it is highly likely that we will be able to recoup all funds from the sale of the security property, as there is a substantial amount of equity.
  • In the unlikely event that we are unable to recoup all the funds from the sale of the security we maintain a discretionary Provision Fund to allow us to compensate investors should there be a shortfall in the capital.

We feel it is important to make you aware that with investing your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed if a loan becomes non-performing, however we feel confident that we have a thorough and robust system in place to protect all Lendy investors.

Please see our information on Managing Risk here.

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