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About Lendy

We are one of Europe's leading peer to peer secured property lending platforms

We specialise in providing bridging & development finance to property professionals, with funding provided by our established peer to peer crowd funded investment platform.

The Lendy platform allows our investors to pool together their funds in order to finance development projects and property purchases. We ensure this process is fast, simple and efficient, and delivers a gross annual return of up to 12%, before tax, with all proposals fully assessed by our experienced credit committee before being made available for investment.

Lending is always secured with a legal charge and our loan amounts do not exceed 70 per cent of the Open Market Value, as confirmed by an independent Chartered Surveyor. This means that in the event of a loan becoming non-performing there should be sufficient equity to allow loan funds to be recouped during a sale.

The platform has grown dramatically, we now have over 20,000 registered users. Between them, they have invested £428,541,420, and earned a total of £47,762,664 in interest on loans to help build, buy and restore thousands of properties across the length and breadth of the UK.

Our USP for borrowers is our business model, which allows us considerably more flexibility than standard banks and bridging lenders, enabling us to make quick decisions and deliver funds very quickly.

Lendy was launched in 2012 by two young entrepreneurs who believed that property investing and borrowing should be easier, and more accessible and rewarding.

About Us

Company Timeline

Oct 2012

Lendy Ltd is registered at Companies House.

Jan 2013

Lendy Ltd writes first asset-backed loan for £30,000 - loan is repaid in full in May 2013.

Nov 2013

All Lendy's startup capital is lent, the Lendy peer-to-peer platform is launched.

Apr 2014

Lendy Ltd becomes authorised and regulated by the FCA (interim). The loan portfolio reaches £2,500,000.

Oct 2014

Lendy Ltd celebrates its 2nd birthday reaching 1,500 investors and with a portfolio in excess of £10,000,000.

May 2015

Lendy exceeds 3,000 investors 18 months after launch. Lendy Ltd's loan portfolio reaches £32,000,000.

Oct 2015

Lendy Ltd celebrates its 3rd birthday reaching 5,000 investors and with a portfolio in excess of £50,000,000.

Feb 2016

Lendy Ltd's loan portfolio reaches the £100,000,000 milestone.

June 2016

Lendy Ltd's loan portfolio reaches the £150,000,000 milestone.

Aug 2016

Lendy reaches 10,000 registered investors.

Oct 2016

Lendy Ltd celebrates 4th birthday by reaching £220,000,000 in total lending.

Jan 2017

Lendy Ltd hits £250m in total lending.

Feb 2017

Registered users reach 14,000.

Mar 2017

Company rebrands to Lendy for investing and borrowing services as interest earned by investors hits record £20m.

Apr 2017

Lendy Ltd shortlisted in best P2P category in Moneywise Customer Service Awards.

May 2017

Lendy Ltd's loan portfolio passes £300m milestone.

June 2017

Lendy Ltd announced as new title sponsor of Cowes Week.

June 2017

Lendy Ltd announced as Highly Commended in the Bridging & Commercial Alternative Lender of the year.

July 2017

Lendy Cowes Week 2017 - Lendy's first year as title sponsor runs from
July 29–August 5.

Aug 2017

Lendy reaches 17,000 registered users.

Sep 2017

Lendy profits rise 164%, turnover up 104%.

Oct 2017

Lendy reaches 18,000 registered users.

Oct 2017

Lendy marks fifth birthday by reaching £338,000,000 in total lending and returned £183,000,000 in total repayments to investors.

Oct 2017

Lendy returns UK's biggest ever P2P loan repayment totaling £7,920,000.

Oct 2017

Lendy announced winner of the Best P2P Platform at the Credit Strategy F5 Future of Finance Awards 2017.

Dec 2017

Lendy ends the year on £356m money raised for lending

Feb 2018

Lendy reaches 19,500 registered investors.

The Lendy story

Connecting property investors with borrowers since 2012

It is said that there are only seven basic stories, whether they're written by William Shakespeare or J.K. Rowling - Overcoming the Monster. Rags to Riches. The Quest. Voyage and Return. Comedy. Tragedy. Rebirth.

Lendy's story is probably a mix of a few, with elements of 'rags to riches', owing to our humble beginnings; a little of 'overcoming the monster', as being a young P2P we have taken on the more traditional banks; and perhaps 'rebirth', as the business looks to rebrand and to evolve our tried and tested model into new areas.

It all began back in 2012 when Liam Brooke, with a background in commercial property banking, and Tim Gordon, an IT and engineering specialist with a Masters degree in e-Commerce, joined forces to build a new Fintech from the ground up.

Armed with a small sum of capital to lend in as safe a manner as possible, our founders decided to lend against secured marine assets that were held in its possession.

Once the financial model had been proven, they boldly went where few had gone before, and expanded their capital lending ability and built the Saving Stream investment platform. This enabled Liam and Tim to sell their secured asset loans to new investors, and use the recycled funds to expand their loan book.

Demand for the rates of return the company offered soared and they soon found that the marine asset market could not keep up with the demand.

At this point we moved into the property bridging and development finance markets, and after unprecedented growth in this sector over the past few years, property is now our sole focus.

Five years on, we are one of the only profitable P2P platforms. That's partly because we have taken a cautious approach, scaling up only when we felt the business could sustain the expansion. But we’ve also managed risk carefully, and always striven to strike the right balance between loan supply and investment demand.

We are also privately owned, with no bank debt or venture capital investment. And our employee levels have grown organically — as and when the business warranted. Our agile methods and low overheads enable us to pass the majority of the interest we charge borrowers back to our investors, providing some of the best risk-to-reward ratio returns on the market. For example, the average cash ISA at a bank now only offers annual returns of 0.74%.

Despite the uncertainties of Brexit, the new Trump administration, and the fragility of the economies of powerhouses like China, the predictions for the U.K. property market in 2017 and beyond look good, with P2P players like Lendy finding they have a huge role to play.

With the UK's housing crisis no closer to being resolved, and the banks reducing their exposure to the sector considerably, having access to funding for property developers has never been more important.

Alternative finance providers, such as peer to peer and other crowd funding platforms like Lendy, are increasingly stepping into the gap created by traditional banks’ withdrawal. We are giving developers the opportunity to get their projects off the ground in a sensible timeframe.

As we enter our fifth year, we are very positive about the outlook for the property market, for these reasons.

  • With interest rates estimated to remain low for the immediate future, investing in property can provide much greater returns than other products.
  • Despite traditional banks’ withdrawal from lending, developers are realising that other options are available to them. Peer to peer lending allows important development projects to go ahead and is beneficial to individual investors.

So, why not join our fast growing group of investors and borrowers to help make some of the UK's biggest and most diverse secured property ventures a reality.

About us