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These are the projects available for investment. All borrowers and their security have been fully assessed and meet our strict lending criteria.

Asset Details
Asset value
Bonus accrual
Remaining Term
Interest Status
DFL025 - The Old County Hall, Station Road, Truro
YES£5,305,000£3,153,90312%0%59%45 days£4,620IOA ?
PBL179 - Hill House Hotel 26 Market Place Dereham Norfolk NR19 2AP
YES£1,500,000£1,050,00012%0%70%208 days£37,490IOA ?
PBL178 - 1-8 and 12-19, 58 Bridge Road, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR32 3LJ
YES£1,635,000£1,144,50012%0%70%208 days£129,550IOA ?
PBL177 - The Winelodge 58 Bridge Road and flats 9,10 & 11.
YES£690,000£483,00010%0%70%208 days£3,718IOA ?
DFL022 - Block A, The Waterfront, Manchester Road, Huddersfield
YES£11,495,000£2,901,40612%0%25%218 days£0.44IOA ?
PBL174 - Vale Mews, Lower Clough Street, Barrowford, Nelson
YES£1,259,650£603,1529%0%48%1 day£22,193IOA ?
PBL167 - Beckhouse Farm, Pickering Cottages
YES£4,340,000£2,620,04212%0%60%97 days£63,611IOA ?
PBL169 - Jasmine House, High Street, St Florence, Tenby
YES£295,000£206,5007%0.12%70%-13 days£805IA ?
PBL168 - Shoreham Cement Works, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex
YES£12,000,000£4,763,52812%0%40%169 days£205,179IOA ?
DFL020 - Euro Car Park site, Jocelyn Square, Glasgow
YES£14,400,000£2,203,85110%0%15%246 days£94,002IOA ?
DFL019 - Phase One - Land at Ryedale Leisure Village, Malton Road, Pickering, N Yorks
YES£33,804,000£10,048,28312%0%30%166 days£214,407IOA ?
PBL164 - Phase 2 Towan Valley, Porthtowan, Cornwall TR4 8FJ
YES£2,800,000£1,400,00010%0.51%50%-37 days£60,873IA ?
PBL163 - 17-21 Towan Valley, Porthtowan, Cornwall TR4 8FJ
YES£1,550,000£1,085,00010%0.51%70%-37 days£35,109IA ?
PBL162 - Nether Kypeside, Deadwaters, Lesmahagow, Lanark
YES£1,760,000£817,06212%0%46%33 days£2,408IOA ?
DFL015 - Penrhos Court, Lyonshall, Kington, Herefordshire
YES£1,600,000£1,041,40010%0%65%24 days£22,549IOA ?
PBL152 - Port View Caravan Park, Hurn, Christchurch
YES£6,372,500£3,186,00012%0%50%110 days£14,260IOA ?
PBL151 - Tall Trees Park, Hurn Christchurch
YES£4,500,000£2,349,00012%0%52%110 days£23,574IOA ?
PBL150 - Mount Pleasant Touring Park, Hurn, Christchurch
YES£4,000,000£2,090,00012%0%52%110 days£11,353IOA ?
PBL159 - Three Parcels of Land at Lower Core Farm, Bleasdale
YES£300,000£182,9918%0%61%103 days£133IOA ?
DFL013 - Richmond Road, Bradford
YES£15,250,000£2,892,27011%0%19%89 days£57,447IOA ?
PBL158 - Hampton Riviera, Hampton Court Road
YES£2,625,000£1,313,73912%0%50%85 days£3,776IOA ?
PBL157 - The Chalet, Hampton Court Road
YES£6,250,000£3,190,50912%0%51%85 days£23,348IOA ?
PBL156 - Manor Quay, Hull
YES£3,250,000£2,270,78812%0%70%28 days£38,081IOA ?
DFL012 - Herculaneum Quay, Liverpool Waterfront
YES£17,947,003£9,930,90812%0%55%64 days£41,597IOA ?
DFL011 - South Road, Haywards Heath
YES£3,220,000£1,704,73710%0%53%85 days£5,063IOA ?
DFL010 - Leisure Village & Fisheries, Clitheroe
YES£9,350,000£1,601,31110%0%17%12 days£75,347IOA ?
DFL009 - The Abbey, Wymondham, Norfolk
YES£1,800,000£1,080,47612%0%60%28 days£4,072IOA ?
DFL008 - Old Hall Street, Office to residential conversion, Liverpool centre
YES£20,640,902£8,689,06012%0%42%35 days£78,722IOA ?
DFL007 - Hightown and Heathfield Avenue, Crewe
YES£1,615,000£595,55212%0%37%89 days£265IOA ?
PBL137 - 19 Pilmuir Street, Dunfermline, Fife
YES£180,000£108,00012%2.22%60%-135 days£114IA ?
DFL006 - Student Accommodation, Mynachdy, Cardiff
YES£16,814,500£4,166,12912%0.48%25%-29 days£87,503IA ?
PBL133 - Woodlands, Crowborough
YES£2,965,000£1,648,29712%0%56%8 days£20,325IOA ?
DFL005 - Arboretum, Land with planning, Paignton
YES£14,065,000£7,211,86912%0%51%78 days£178,042IOA ?
DFL004 - Residential Development, Sunbeam Factory, Wolverhampton
YES£22,650,000£12,582,64212%0%56%24 days£411,123IOA ?
PBL120 - Sky Building, Newcastle-under-Lyme
YES£2,650,000£1,291,55712%1.4%49%-85 days£8,836IA ?
PBL108 - Flat in Bristol House, London, SW1W 8DD
YES£2,100,000£1,470,00012%0.95%70%-58 days£24,301IA ?
PBL107 - Flat in Cheyne Gardens, London, SW3 5QT
YES£3,250,000£2,275,00012%0.95%70%-58 days£29,325IA ?
PBL103 - Site with planning for 117 units nr Hastings
YES£3,000,000£2,100,00012%1.68%70%-102 days£72,354IA ?
PBL098 - Spectrum Leisure Centre, Co. Durham
YES£300,000£210,00012%1.02%70%-62 days£495IA ?
PBL057 - Land with planning, Scotland
YES£6,430,000£2,540,00012%0%40%2 days£74,058IOA ?
PBL055 - Land with planning, Wales
YES£1,400,000£623,00012%0%45%2 days£9,190IOA ?