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  • DFL026 April Cottage, Holywell Bay, Cornwall - Partial Repayment Read more …
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  • DFL026 April Cottage, Holywell Bay, Cornwall - Partial Repayment Read more …

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These are loans where we are no longer confident about the borrowers ability to repay the loan and have therefore officially classified the loan as non-performing. Monthly interest payments are not guaranteed. We are taking all appropriate steps to recover 100% of the capital from these loans.

Asset Details
Asset value
Bonus accrual
Remaining Term
PBL193 - Northfield Road, Rotherham
YES£1,500,000£1,050,00012%2.96%70%-207 days
PBL178 - 1-8 and 12-19, 58 Bridge Road, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR32 3LJ
YES£1,635,000£1,144,50012%2.96%70%-250 days
PBL177 - The Winelodge 58 Bridge Road and flats 9,10 & 11.
YES£690,000£483,00010%2.47%70%-250 days
DFL024 - Clearwater Quays, Latchford, Warrington
Partially repaid
YES£2,436,000£1,457,57912%2.96%60%-378 days
PBL166 - Killean Estate, Kintyre, Scotland
YES£8,500,000£885,25412%2.96%70%-471 days
DFL017 - 17 Homer Row, Old Marylebone Road, London
YES£20,403,000£7,452,89611%2.71%37%-271 days
PBL164 - Phase 2 Towan Valley, Porthtowan, Cornwall TR4 8FJ
YES£2,800,000£1,400,00010%2.47%50%-495 days
PBL163 - 17-21 Towan Valley, Porthtowan, Cornwall TR4 8FJ
Partially repaid
YES£1,240,000£840,87710%2.47%68%-495 days
DFL016 - Mutton Row, 6-9 Hobbs Cross Road, Harlow
YES£2,610,000£734,7099%2.22%28%-371 days
DFL015 - Penrhos Court, Lyonshall, Kington, Herefordshire
YES£1,890,000£1,226,39310%2.47%65%-253 days
DFL013 - Richmond Road, Bradford
YES£15,250,000£2,892,27011%2.71%19%-310 days
PBL158 - Hampton Riviera, Hampton Court Road
YES£2,625,000£1,313,73912%2.96%50%-373 days
PBL157 - The Chalet, Hampton Court Road
YES£6,250,000£3,190,50912%2.96%51%-373 days
PBL156 - Manor Quay, Hull
YES£3,250,000£2,270,78812%2.96%70%-430 days
DFL012 - Herculaneum Quay, Liverpool Waterfront
YES£17,947,003£10,768,20212%2.96%60%-273 days
PBL137 - 19 Pilmuir Street, Dunfermline, Fife
YES£180,000£108,00012%2.96%60%-593 days
DFL004 - Residential Development, Sunbeam Factory, Wolverhampton
YES£22,650,000£14,308,81312%2.96%63%-283 days
PBL106 - Whitehills Industrial Estate in Fife
YES£3,750,000£2,450,00012%2.96%65%-770 days
PBL103 - Site with planning for 117 units nr Hastings
YES£3,000,000£2,100,00012%2.96%70%-591 days
PBL102 - Land Loan
YES£275,000£192,00012%2.96%70%-666 days
PBL101 - Land Loan
YES£475,000£332,50012%2.96%70%-666 days
PBL095 - Gravel Quarry, Scotland
YES£2,700,000£1,890,00012%2.96%70%-762 days
DFL002 - Exeter Quayside Development
YES£4,240,000£2,968,00012%2.96%70%-540 days
DFL001 - Exeter Rydon Court Development
YES£8,610,000£5,988,91112%2.96%70%-583 days
PBL084 - Scottish estate with multiple letting properties
YES£8,500,000£5,050,00012%2.96%59%-471 days
PBL071 - St Anthonys Lodge, Convent Lane, Gloucs
YES£650,000£422,50012%2.96%65%-860 days
PBL070 - The Old Convent, Convent Lane, Gloucs
YES£1,400,000£910,00012%2.96%65%-860 days
PBL069 - The Chapel, Convent Lane, Gloucs
YES£1,500,000£975,00012%2.96%65%-860 days
PBL068 - Blandford Lodge Farm, Newmarket
YES£1,850,000£1,295,00012%2.96%70%-781 days
PBL064 - Tenanted Office Block, Somerset
YES£2,870,000£2,000,00012%2.96%70%-816 days
PBL039 - Guesthouse, Convent Lane, Gloucs
YES£1,000,000£700,00012%2.96%70%-859 days
PBL038 - Birds Hill Farm, The Convent, Gloucs
YES£800,000£560,00012%2.96%70%-859 days
PBL037 - Barns & Land, The Convent, Gloucs
YES£250,000£151,00012%2.96%60%-859 days
PBL031 - Garth Isaf Farm, Pontyclun
YES£710,000£497,00012%2.96%70%-769 days
PBL027 - Reform Energy, Fleetwood
YES£5,250,000£2,940,00012%2.96%56%-766 days
£159,686,003 £82,949,441 55%